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Mobile Application Development


Get Your Mobile App Featured in the App Store

Beginning from App Design to App Development, Ranging from Pre-Launch Marketing to Post-Launch Maintenance, you have the right mobile app development partner in us.


  • Product, Design and Development of a Top-Rated Mobile App for Your Business.
  • Cross-Platform Engineering Scaling Your Target Audience.
  • Implementing Technology Comprised of Highest Performance Levels.

We Take Mobile App Seriously, Do You?

For bold entrepreneurs who are exceptional and passionate to try out something new with their mobile app, have a look at us as we have the same passion towards what we do and will never let anything get on the way in making a great product for you.

If you are on the look for taking your business to newer dimensions, then you are a bit too late in having a mobile app. Not only an Android, iOS or Windows mobile app, you can also avail responsive web development services and also specialized services in creating a backend infrastructure for your mobile app by implementing state-of-the-art technologies such as Google App Engine and AWS. Transforming your ideas in to an eye-catching mobile app is the best thing we can do for you. You will see the expected end-results that can exceed your expectations in the long-run once the mobile app for your business becomes functional. That’s our guarantee!

Need an iPhone or iPad App Elegant in Design and Using Latest iOS Technologies?

iOS Development at JanBask is all about transforming your suggestions in to an elegant design along with continued update to your apps right from the design, development till the marketing of your dream iOS app.

Reliability, ability to meet deadlines and being friendly are what business look for while choosing an iOS Development Company and you also cannot be an exception. Just convey your vision and we will do wonders for you by creating a neatly designed and developed iOS app that is beautiful. You will feel us more as your partner and never as a team that you hired for developing an iOS app for your business. We not only listen to your requests but also provide you with valuable advice as and when it is desirable while being responsive through the entire development process at the same time.

Custom Android Application Development - Building the Most Desirable Android App for You

From Design, Development and Submission of Your Android App in the App Store, Your App would be Treated as Our Own by Handling the Entire Process that Helps Take Your Business Ahead of the Curve.

Be part of the Android growth story along with the growth story of your own business by consulting us for your most desirable Android app. Android apps have become the next greatest technological wonder in the ever-growing smartphone market. You will have an immensely popular mobile app platform that has a wide reach among the audiences across the globe. A user-friendly and interactive Android app with a global appeal and demand is in store for you. The current trends would be analyzed before reflecting them in the cutting-edge applications we design for you. We will take care of the post-implementation procedures in custom Android application development and issues that may arise during the real-time usage of your mobile app.

HTML5 App Development

High-performing and feature-packed HTML5 based mobile and web experiences for you. HTML5 solutions built for you are secure, sustainable, easily maintainable and scale able. It is cross-platform capable and has the ability to seamlessly function across any device or software platform. 


An agile development methodology is put in place for delivering the best HTML5 web and mobile solutions for you. You will be able to use an HTML5 application that has been exclusively designed to meet your specific business, user and industry requirements. We have a highly flexible engagement model in place starting with a comprehensive evaluation of business and IT requirements and ending with a cost-effective and quick HTML5 app development solution. HTML5 development is increasingly becoming the only alternative for cross-platform development from a business perspective and when it comes to adopting it, there is no question of ‘if’, the only question is ‘how soon’ you will adopt HTML5 app development for your business. HTML5 is compatible with some of the major browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera. The presence of a unique and interactive experience has made HTML5 a chosen framework among companies that are looking forward to enhance their online presence in an ever-growing world of mobile phone and tablet computers.