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Digital Marketing Services


Pushing Your Digital Presence beyond Imagination

You want to see your sales grow and become a trusted brand for your customers, but it’s simply not happening for you! If it’s true for you, then waste no time and get in touch with us soon.

  • Deep commitment towards achieving your goals

  • Optimized Digital Marketing Campaigns

  • Delivering Accurate Results and Insights

Decline in leads hurting your business too much?

Looking for better returns for your investment? You will be assisted with some of the smartest investment decisions based on the data insights offered as a strategic partner for your business.

Whether it is about getting the needed guidance to you regarding the investments across marketing channels or whether it is about maximizing your ROI, staffs here work towards maximizing the ROI through the best allocation of budget. Thus you no longer have to worry about decline in the leads for your business with our cost-effective digital marketing solutions. Go through our diverse list of digital marketing services ranging from SEO, Social Media Marketing Services, Paid Search, Online Reputation Management, Email Marketing Services, Content Marketing Services, Search Engine Marketing Services and Display Advertising to name among a few and you will feel the growth of digital marketing in catering to your business requirements. If you want to improve your business online, you will have to think out of the box from the traditional way in which you approach things that is of benefit for your business. Digital advisors will be always available for your consultations and are ready in offering round the clock support. 

Want to see your Products or Services on top of the Search Results?

Why scratch your heads and worry about brand popularity when we are here to help you? Your actual audiences would be determined by us before going ahead with improved user engagement. Thus you would see a dramatic improvement in leads for your business and sales of the products or services on offer by your brand! Isn’t it interesting?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making websites to appear in the first few positions of results page is not as easy as you think. However your dream of having a high-traffic generating website would be made true by us through enhanced promotion of your website for getting the best possible organic search rankings.

  • Market and Competitor Analysis
  • SEO Keyword and Research
  • On-Page SEO that deals with keyword implementation
  • Off-Page SEO that deals with link building
  • Campaign Tracking and Reporting

Social Media Marketing

Unlike previous years, social networking websites have gained enough attention from users across the globe. It is no longer just a communication platform and has become a platform for brands to create brand awareness and brand reputation among the prospective audiences. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linkedin are now increasingly driving social media advertising for businesses. Computable and genuine results through Social Media Marketing campaigns will be made available to you with the perfect blend of community, engagement as well as promotional messaging. A unique strategy of creating messages would be followed on social media platforms as a means to maximize the user engagement with the brand and also ensure the SEO and search engine marketing efforts get the benefit from social media marketing services from JanBask Digital Design.

Portfolio of our Social Media Marketing Services

  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Social network profile creation
  • Social media tools recommendations
  • Social media apps
  • Social media advertising
  • Blog design and optimization
  • Social Bookmarking


Give it a try for Pay-Per-Click advertising if you want to see instant results in traffic generation of your website. Handling PPC campaigns for websites is quite easier for our team of experts and revenue generation along with increase in the number of clicks remains the main objective of our team of PPC experts.

Ways in which you get the most out of our PPC Campaign

  • Increase in website traffic within less time period
  • Maximum returns from minimum investment
  • 24 X 7 advertising
  • Creating brand awareness among audiences
  • Enhanced website performance tracking

Are you ready to get your idea transformed in to a flourishing business?

With a deep interest towards passion and entrepreneurship, our digital marketing team is committed in alleviating stress which otherwise you will have go through when it comes to online marketing of your brand.

Digital Marketing Services

Optimizing of SEO, SMO and Online Reputation Management of your website by working towards fulfilling your vision is our top goals and thereby helping you to focus more on other business aspects that can contribute to the growth and development of your company. The knowledge and expertise in digital marketing would be shared with you to help your business grow online and prosper at a faster pace. This is because we are entrepreneurs who believe the core of the digital brand has to be included within your brand story. We tailor services in such a way for you so as to engage and impact your audience and help them drive the ‘How’ and ‘Where’ to interact in the digital world.